4th District legislators issue statement on House ‘code of conduct’ resolution

The Washington State House of Representatives adopted House Concurrent Resolution 4401 today, a resolution outlining an expected “code of conduct” for legislators, staff, lobbyists and others within the legislative community.

Fourth Legislative District representatives Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin, both R-Spokane Valley, voted in favor of the resolution and issued the following statement:

“House Concurrent Resolution 4401 was brought about by serious and sincere issues between legislators, staff and lobbyists. We understand these issues, empathize with anyone who has suffered harassment in the workplace, and are grateful this issue is finally being brought to light. It is our sincere hope and understanding that due process will not be abandoned and that the founding principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ will remain at the heart of any and all future proceedings. We reject any attempt to weaponize this well-meaning resolution and will work against any future frivolous, malicious, or political attacks that abuse this new policy.”