Shea statement on budget proposal

The House of Representatives today voted 55-43 to approve a measure that reduces the 2009-2011 budget by $222 million. The current fiscal year ends June 30, 2011. The bill approved still leaves a shortfall of $378 million for the remaining cycle.

Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, opposed House Bill 1086 and issued the following statement:

“I’m concerned this continues to push our budget problems into the future. We should be addressing our major budget problems now, rather than putting them off. That’s part of what got us in this mess in the first place.

“This budget proposal also contains up to ten hidden fees that are re-authorized. Once again, this is a frontal assault against the wishes of voters who have repeatedly said they want the Legislature to have a two-thirds vote before any taxes can be raised.

“One of the best ways to take care of this budget crisis is by getting government off the backs of small businesses so they can once again hire and get people working again in the private sector. When people are working, they generate the revenue that drives the budget.

“Finally, Republicans brought solutions to the table on this budget. Unfortunately, our ideas were ignored. During the special session in December, we showed the state the progress that could be made when Republicans and Democrats work together on solutions. The governor said she’s willing to work with us, but two weeks into this legislative session, her Democrat colleagues in the House are already shutting the door on our ideas. It’s going to take ideas from both parties to effectively move us to a better budget solution for this state, and I’m hoping we can continue to be a part of that process.”

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