Spokane sheriff requests public safety funding, Holy and Shea respond


Jan. 28, 2014

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Spokane sheriff requests public safety funding; Holy and Shea respond


Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich recently sent a request to the Legislature for funding of local law enforcement with tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales. State Reps. Jeff Holy and Matt Shea responded by sponsoring House Bill 2732.

The proposal would set aside $20 million for cities and towns to increase law enforcement activities, and $5 million for counties to combat gang violence.

“It is absolutely appropriate to set aside funding for public safety efforts with the legalization of recreational marijuana,” said Holy, R-Cheney. “As a former Spokane detective, I know all too well the public safety issues this will bring to our streets and families. I appreciate Sheriff Knezovich bringing this request forward because it is the best use of tax revenues that the state brings in as a result of the people voting to make recreational marijuana legal.”

A similar proposal has been sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Michael Baumgartner to increase the chances of the bill’s passage and the inclusion of the funding in the final supplemental budget.

“Public safety is a priority of government. Yet our local law enforcement departments struggle to keep enough officers on the streets,” said Shea. R-Spokane Valley. “Appropriating some of revenue from recreational marijuana taxes to law enforcement would alleviate the tremendous burdens they face. It’s the most responsible step we can take to help them out.”

For more information about Rep. Holy, visit: www.representativejeffholy.com. For more information about Rep. Shea, visit: www.representativemattshea.com.


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