Rep. Matt Shea re-elected House Republican assistant floor leader

Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, will once again serve as assistant floor leader for
Republicans in the Washington House of Representatives. Shea was re-elected to the post this morning by his fellow Washington House Republican lawmakers. He was first tapped for the leadership position six years ago.

“Our Freedom Agenda message of lower taxes, less government and more freedom has resonated well not only with voters across the state, but has also gained the attention of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle,” said Shea. “I am honored that my colleagues have put their trust in me to continue to carry this message as we tackle some very difficult issues in the coming legislative session.”

As assistant floor leader, Shea helps manage legislation and debate on the House floor and represents Republicans in negotiations with majority party floor leaders. He also provides input in House Republican leadership meetings, including legislative strategy and policy decisions.

An attorney in private practice, Shea is considered an effective, tough but fair-minded negotiator in the Legislature. He says his legal experience has provided the background to effectively advocate for and against issues, as well as to respond to arguments.

“In the courtroom, my clients depend on me to provide the best advocacy as we debate their cases. In the Legislature, my clients are the citizens of the state of Washington. I use my experience from the courtroom to debate and negotiate legislation as we protect and defend our citizens from the unwieldy hand of government,” said Shea. “It will be important to have experienced negotiators at the leadership table of the Legislature in the coming session as we work to craft a budget that funds education and holds the line against tax increases.”

In addition to his assistant floor leader role, Shea serves as ranking Republican on the House Environment Committee and assistant ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee. He is also a member of the House Transportation Committee.

Representing Washington’s 4th Legislative District, Shea will begin serving his fifth term in the Legislature when the 2016 session convenes Jan. 9.


Washington State House Republican Communications